Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection Total All Time

Salman Khan, Tiger Zinda Hai who is otherwise called the Sultan of Bollywood, Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection has a gigantic fan following crosswise over mainlands and when he meets up with Katrina Kaif on-screen, the film is certain to break records.

It appears the producers of Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai picked outstanding amongst other discharge periods for a film in the most recent couple of years. Not a solitary motion picture putting a break for just about a month, Tiger Zinda Hai has squeezed up the greatest at the Indian just as abroad film industry. We should break down the amount it has earned around the world.

Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection Total All Time

134.10 Crore
235.30 Crore
345.53 Crore
436.54 Crore
521.60 Crore
617.55 Crore
715.42 Crore
811.56 Crore
914.92 Crore
1022.23 Crore
1118.04 Crore
1207.83 Crore
1305.84 Crore
1405.09 Crore
1503.72 Crore
1605.62 Crore
1708.27 Crore
1802.72 Crore
1902.56 Crore
2002.30 Crore
2102.12 Crore
2201.46 Crore
2302.12 Crore
2403.27 Crore
2501.36 Crore
2601.02 Crore
2700.88 Crore
2800.78 Crore
2900.79 Crore
3001.20 Crore
3101.84 Crore
3200.07 Crore
3300.06 Crore
3400.45 Crore
3500.23 Crore
3600.65 Crore
3700.48 Crore
3800.66 Crore
3900.21 Crore
4000.21 Crore
4100.23 Crore
4200.19 Crore
4300.15 Crore
4400.18 Crore
4500.27 Crore
4600.08 Crore
4700.07 Crore
4800.07 Crore
4900.07 Crore
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Total Collection 339.08 Crore



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